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Which ever way you look at Litho printing, it is still the quickest and most cost effective way of reproducing the written word.  With technology ever improving Litho printing can only be made more advanced as the need for books and other literature made with Litho printing increases all the time.

Litho printing is a fairly easy and quick way of doing your printing needs.  A negative or plate that can be used for litho printing is made of your artwork.  This plate or negative will be placed on the “bed” of the litho printing press.  The plate is now inked and the litho printing can begin.   

The phenomenon of the litho printing revolution can be looked at from a quantitative perspective.  Litho printing has its focus on the printing output – not only quality but also quantities.  Litho printing became extremely popular as the circulation of information started to increase. 

Litho printing made it possible for scientist to not only journal their work but also communicate their discoveries more widely.  With the Litho printing revolution it suddenly became important who had said or written what.  Litho printing was responsible for the names of authors to become known.
Part of the Litho printing industry snowballing is the fact that illiteracy was becoming lesser.  The more Litho printing of books, the more circulation of the printed word, the more interest was created in the ability to read and write.  An important step towards knowledge was made possible with Litho printing.

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Litho printing started a new form of writing that was known as “black art”, because of the black ink of the litho printing presses.  Litho printing was seen as the “alphabetic monopoly” as the letters of the litho printing presses was different from the cursive letters that was used to write.

The bigger the need for printing of books etc, the bigger the need that Litho printing had to be done faster.  Steam power altered the speed of Litho printing as you don’t have to rely on a human and his abilities anymore.  Litho printing today is almost unthinkable of as not using electricity.


Litho printing has been around for many years, starting of with the simplest of designs to the advanced litho printing presses we have today.  A Litho printing press is usually a free standing machine of about 5 – 7 feet long and 3 feet wide.  Litho printing should be done in a well aired room.